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  WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
  ISCANInternational Sanitary Convention for Air Navigation
  CAMEOAn experiment attached to the Delta 2nd stage
  UAVUninhabited Aircraft Vehicle
  ZBRZero Base Review
  XMITTransmit (or Transmitter)
  WWWWorld Weather Watch
  WUISWork Unit Information System (Database) (DTIC)
  WTEWind Tunnel Enterprise
  WROWork Release Order
  WPSWelding Procedure Specification (Nuclear energy)
  WPMWork Package Manager
  WONWomen of NASA
  WOWork Order
  WISEWomen into Science and Engineering
  WIPWork In Progress
  WINDIIWind Imaging Interferometer
  WIGWithin Grade Increase
  WIDEWide-angled Infinity Display Equipment
  WIAWomen in Aerospace
  WCSWork Control System (NASA)
  WAWork Authorization
  W/SWind Shear (Aviation)
  Wwatts (Symbol) (SI unit of power)
  VTREVented Tank Resupply Experiment
  VTAMVirtual Telecommunications Access Method
  VSMFVisual Search Microfiche Film (Trademark) (Computer science)
  VSLViscous Shock Layer
  VPI&SUVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  VNIRVisible and Near-Visible Infrared
  VMSVisual Motion Simulator
  VMVirtual Manufacturing
  VISSRVisible-Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer (NASA)
  VISSRVisible and Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer on GOES
  VISVisible (or visibility)
  VIPSVideo Image Processing System
  vibvibration (Printing)
  VHDLVhsic Hardware Description Language
  VGTVariable Geometry Truss
  VEValue Engineering
  VCIPVolcano-Climate Interaction Program
  VASLAVirginia Chapter Special Libraries Assocation
  VASCVirginia Air and Space Center
  vvolt (Symbol) (SI unit of electric potential difference)
  UWTUnitary Wind Tunnel
  UTCUpper Tropospheric Clouds
  USIPUnited States Innovation Partnership
  USGSUnited States Geological Survey
  URSIInternational Union of Radar Science
  UNIXAn operating system software (Computer science)
  UNUnited Nations
  UFIUniform Files Index
  TUTechnology Utilization
  TTLTechnical Team Leader
  TSTOTwo-Stage-To-Orbit vehicle
  TSSTether Satellite System (NASA)
  TSRBTime Referenced Scanning Beam
  TSPTemperature Sensitive Paint
  TSPTechnical Support Package (NASA)
  TSOTime-shared Option
  TSECTelecommunications Security (equipment)
  TSDISTRMM Science Date and Information System
  TRPTechnology Reinvestment Project
  TRFTransport Research Facility (or Facilities)
  TRACERTropospheric Radiometer for Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Research
  TRACE-ATRansport and Atmospheric Chemistry near the Equator-Atlantic (See GTE)
  TRACETransport and Atmospheric Chemistry Near the Equator Program
  TRTechnical Report
  TPTransaction Processor or Transaction Processing
  TPTechnical Paper
  TOPSTechnology Opportunity Showcase (LaRC)
  TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping System
  TOMASTool for Operations Modeling and Analysis in Space (SSFO)
  TOGATropical Oceans Global Atmosphere Project
  TOATime Off Award
  TMISTechnical Management Information System
  TMThematic Mapper (Satellite technology)
  TISATime Interpolation and Spatial Averaging
  TISTechnical Information Service
  TINATruth in Negotiation Act
  TIMSThermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner (Airborne instrument for geological applications)
  TIMTechnicial Interchange Meeting
  TIGTime In Grade
  TIFSTotal In-Flight Simulator
  TIDTerminal Identification
  THUNDERThin Layer Unimorph Driver and Sensor
  THEThe Human Element
  TGHETile Gap Heating Effects (OEX)
  TFUTheoretical First Unit (Economics)
  TFELThin Film Electroluminescent
  TFCSTreasury Enforcement Communication System
  Tera-A prefix meaning multiplied by 1 trillion, as in Terabyte, TB, or Tbyte (Computer science)
  TELNETTelecommunications Network
  TELEXTelecommunication Exchange
  TECSTotal Environmental Control System
  TEATransversely Excited Atmospheric LASER
  TETime Extension
  TDRSSTracking and Data Relay Satellite Services (or System)
        1-99 of 10391   
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