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Système de palettisation dans une usine de conditionnement d'eaux minérales.
  Ergonomic Monitor Stand Join

I believe the most ergonomic way to work on a computer for very long periods of time is laying flat on your back.  I will use ProtoForge to explore solutions for building such a monitor stand.

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  Class Assignment: Report Project Join

*Note* This is a model problem to learn more about how ProtoForge works. *Note*

We are asked to find a Systems Engineering Tool that goes through the systems engineering approach to solve problems. In this project, we are simultaneously testing a tool, and trying to uncover what would qualify as a good systems tool.

  Trial Join

Testing out the software.

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  Lathe Dial Indicator Clamp Join
A series of clamps to allow the easy use of analog dial indicator to allow a machinist to have CNC like accuracy on older human cranked machines.
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  SEDS Sherbrooke - GMC762 - MEMS Robot Join
  Solar Heat Source Join
Develop a solar based heat source to drive in-situ resource and power projects.
  SEDSat 2 Join
SEDSat-2 is an international collaboration of students around the world planning, designing, constructing and running an open design remote sensing satellite that will be launched in 2008. The main focus of the project is of educational nature and wants to demonstrate that it is possible to work together on a common goal and include modern virtual tools for online collaboration and decision making in a complex technical project. The project wishes to see how collaboration happens and strives for becoming a test-bed for all such future projects.

Anybody may join in and track this cubesat-project!

  Sandbox Join
Use this project to experiment with and test the functionaility of the site.
  ProtoForge Help Pages Join

Help documentation for the ProtoForge software.


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